Cathy Shuknecht Wynn has had a love of all things textile since she was a young child. She taught herself to sew at the age of eight, so that she could create new outfits for her dolls. Since then she has enjoyed sewing and designing. Cathy has been an Occupational Therapist for thirty years and has recently chosen to pursue her passion, creating floral masterpieces incorporating textiles and embellishments. In her spare time she is wife to “Chip” a retired Army officer and mother to two daughters and a son-in-law as well as to two sweet, loving puppies.

Courtney Wynn Jenks is a loving wife and the mother of a spoiled rotten wiener dog named Miss Pepper. She is a lover of fashion, humor, things that sparkle, Starbucks, history, weddings, interior designs, and all things darling. Courtney graduated from the University of Delaware with a B.S. in fashion merchandising and is the
Chief Marketing Officer at Cocroft & Delbridge.

Ashley Wynn is an undergraduate student at West Chester University, studying Elementary Education. When she has a break from her studies, she lends a hand with design and computer tasks.