Honoring those you have loved and lost…

This is a quick post but I was designing and creating flowers and thinking.  I think a lot when I’m working and I began wondering…what do people do with the piece of clothing, blanket, hankie, brooch, etc., that they hang on to, to remember those that they have loved and lost.  Do you have it in a beautiful box or at the bottom of your dresser or in your jewelry box?  What if you could display it where everyone could see it and you could share your story?

Let’s create and heirloom together!  I can make your memories into a bouquet to be displayed for everyone to enjoy.  E-mail me or share your story here.

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Happy Earth Day!

Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle

Let’s go back just a bit to the time and place that planted the seed for Cocroft & Delbridge’s flowers!

It’s Spring 2011 and we have just met with a florist who is helping us plan the floral part of my daughter’s fall wedding  (thank you Francie owner of Botanical Splash in Chadd’s Ford, PA).  Courtney came prepared with vision pages for bouquets, corsages, boutonniere’s, arrangements for the Chapel and arrangements for the Reception Venue.   Cha-ching, cha-ching…Courtney LOVES flowers.  Francie did a fabulous job!  See the photos below.

Gorgeous bouquets!

Gorgeous bouquets!


Courtney's bouquet

Courtney’s bouquet


Tip 1:  Go into your meeting with a budget.  Florists are very willing to work within a budget.


Tip 2:  Have the Chapel/Church Arrangements moved to the venue.  Ask family or friends that are not part of the Wedding Party to take on this responsibility.  Or if you have a wedding planner they will do this.


Fast forward to September 2011 (one month to go) I was beginning to wonder what happens to all of those flower arrangements after the reception?  Have you ever wondered that?  I asked the folks at the venue what happens to all of those beautiful arrangements?  I was told that:

A. You can take them or give them to friends and family to take home

B.  Dipsty dumpster out back!  After spending a lot of money I did not want to hear, that after less than 24 hours of use they would hit the trash!  Our venue did offer to drop any remaining flower arrangements off at a nursing home.


Tip 3:  Send home the arrangements with friends and family to enjoy or have them dropped off at a local hospital or nursing home to share.


On October 8, 2011 Courtney married her groom Erik Jenks! Everything was beautiful and we had a great time.  We invited friends and family to take arrangements and the rest were delivered to a nearby nursing home.  But, what to do with all of those bouquets?   Options:  If you are on top of things, you could have them preserved by a flower preservationist, or like us you try the hanging them upside down in a dry area (didn’t work well for us).


Tip 4:  Arrange ahead of time with a floral preservationist to preserve your bouquet or hire Cocroft and Delbridge to create your wedding party flowers from the beginning!

The great thing about our bouquets is that they can be taken apart and repurposed to make an arrangement for a vase or several vases.  It can be a great bridesmaids gift!


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Thank you also to John Barone Photography


New Beginnings or An Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks!

Welcome to our first blog on our all new website!  Spring is a time for new beginnings and this is ours!

After attending the Wedding MBA (a conference for wedding vendors) last October it dawned on me that I wasn’t focusing on my passion or on what makes this company unique and different.  So after much thought and discussion we have turned our attention to what I do best and that’s making flowers…unique, by hand, petal by petal, creating something new and beautiful each and every time.

This is a genesis a long time in coming.  Starting when I was 8 years old and I taught myself to hand sew so I could make my Velvet doll a new outfit.  Ironically I drew flowers on the front.  Since then I have been hooked on sewing.

Below are a few pictures of my first design and my current designs:

Check out the fine hand stitching!

Velvet's Couture Mini Dress!

1920's Inspired Bouquet

Coral Flower Hair Clip

The other part of this is my entrepreneurial spirit. I have always admired Walt Disney and Milton S. Hershey. Not for their successes but more for their failures and their tenacity and determination to create a success! They have inspired me to keep pursuing my passions and my dreams. Over the next few blogs I will chat about my journey and what I have learned.

Until next time.