New Beginnings or An Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks!

Welcome to our first blog on our all new website!  Spring is a time for new beginnings and this is ours!

After attending the Wedding MBA (a conference for wedding vendors) last October it dawned on me that I wasn’t focusing on my passion or on what makes this company unique and different.  So after much thought and discussion we have turned our attention to what I do best and that’s making flowers…unique, by hand, petal by petal, creating something new and beautiful each and every time.

This is a genesis a long time in coming.  Starting when I was 8 years old and I taught myself to hand sew so I could make my Velvet doll a new outfit.  Ironically I drew flowers on the front.  Since then I have been hooked on sewing.

Below are a few pictures of my first design and my current designs:

Check out the fine hand stitching!

Velvet's Couture Mini Dress!

1920's Inspired Bouquet

Coral Flower Hair Clip

The other part of this is my entrepreneurial spirit. I have always admired Walt Disney and Milton S. Hershey. Not for their successes but more for their failures and their tenacity and determination to create a success! They have inspired me to keep pursuing my passions and my dreams. Over the next few blogs I will chat about my journey and what I have learned.

Until next time.




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